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Pro Solutions Architect & DevOps Engineer
Residing in the Arlington, Virgina area

Clients seeking on demand experience hire me to accelerate creation of beautiful ideas.

We give solutions. We give devsecops. We give knowledge.


Experience building with Node Js, JavaScript, Java, Angular, React Native, C++, and deploying to Linux, Amazon Web Services, and Serverless environments.

Success Stories

 Furnished Smart Apartment App | Holland Residential
 Home Tour voiced by Alexa | Brookfield Residential
 Funnel for Facebook Ad Campaign | SalesMonsters Inc
 Mobile App for Smart Apartment Resident | Qwinix
 Controlling Sphero with Alexa | #concept
 Find a voting location in Arlington with Alexa | #free


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Solution Pieces

Experience with Alexa Skill Kit, EC2, Lambda, Kinesis, S3, Route 53, ElasticSearch, API Gateway, CloudFront, IAM, DynamoDB, SNS, Amazon Polly, RDS, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodeBuild, CodePipelines, and SQS.
Apps • Microservices • Alexa Skills


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