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Mobile App for a Smart Apartment Resident

Qwinix sought a real time mobile app for its residential property management software. Betting on the state-of-the-art mobile app platform React Native, Qwinix needed a modern solution architect. SpicyKey LLC integrated the react native mobile app with Wink smart device cloud and the real time service Pubnub. SpicyKey LLC delivered a great mobile app experience compatible with three app stores: Google Android, Apple, and Amazon. Also provided a custom daily active user analytics dashboard built on AWS Cloud and Highcharts. With startup ideas, timing is crucial. By rapidly adopting new technologies such as Expo, React Native, Redux, Pubnub, and AWS Kinesis, SpicyKey delivered a solution in months. Qwinix sales representatives demo the mobile app to potential clients of its property management software.
React Native Node JS Expo Highcharts Angular JavaScript JSON AWS EC2 AWS Kinesis AWS Kinesis Firehose AWS ElasticSearch Kibana Pubnub Wink

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