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Brookfield Smart Home Powered By Amazon Alexa

Brookfield sought to build a model smart home powered by Amazon Alexa. Brookfield's smart home offers potential home buyers a self-guiding tour experience. A potential home buyer can ask questions like "Alexa, ask brookfield to tell me about this home” and hear information about the home voiced by Alexa. Brookfield uses the model home today to market smart home kits to customers who purchase homes from the builder. Brookfield outsourced the software development work for Alexa. Working closely with Brookfield's marketing team, Qwinix, and the hardware integrators at Energy Squad, SpicyKey LLC built several iterations of the customization for Brookfield to perfect the experience for Brookfield’s potential home buyers. Amazon featured the smart home in an article posted to official Alexa Blog in July 2017. Brookfield posted a project video on YouTube titled "About Brookfield Residential" in February 2017.
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