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Controlling a Toy Robot with Alexa

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to control Sphero through Alexa? For example, “Alexa, ask sphero to change to blue.” To build a proof of concept for controlling a toy robot with Alexa, SpicyKey self-developed a solution in the cloud that connects Alexa and Sphero. Sphero is one of the coolest electronic toys. Out of the box, an owner can control Sphero through a mobile app the maker offers with the toy. To get it all done, SpicyKey integrated Sphero’s JavaScript based SDK and the Alexa Skills Kit. The innovative architecture spanned the AWS Serverless Cloud, a private EC2 server with Node JS, a Mac laptop, and a toy robot Sphero.
Node JS JavaScript Alexa Skills Kit WebSockets AWS Lambda AWS EC2 Sphero Alexa

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